About Us

Malai Murasu Siethigal is a Tamil Language 24 x 7 News Channel and digital news website. Malai Murasu is a 5 decade old evening daily. We bring you the latest update on all fields and categories such as News Updates, Lates News, Breaking News , Tamil Nadu Politics, Entertainment News, Latest News, Updated News, District News, World News, India News, Political News, Cinema News, LifeStyle, etc. on both digital platforms and as newspapers.

In its online avatar, www.malaimurasu.com brings you a daily connect with the latest news through special articles, blogs, columns, breaking news coverage and more. Malaimurasu Mobile application keeps you updated on the news all around the world.


Malaimurasu strive to provide accurate information and content that backed by research, and leaves very little room for inaccuracy. We take no sides while featuring a story. We side with the quality of the story and not with its subjects. We entertain no angle which isn't relevant to our content. Any detail, and any object that is given a focus has a function to play. Fluff, is just not us. We push and nudge till our questions get answered. Never rest until a mindset is set. Our message is loud, not our volume. Let the content speak for itself, and let that be loud. We include all perspectives, and thrive on differences in thoughts. That keeps our content wholesome, and the feel vibrant.

Malaimurasu Seithigal